Kingsley Build

The Kingsley Build is a project from Fremont Rd at Fremont Pines Lane to Kingsley Ave about 2 blocks away.

Neighborhood Champion – Andreas Bibl

Project Started – February 2021

Status: Cost proposal stage

If your property is on this route or close by, please contact LAHCF.

This project is anticipated to be a Champion funded project by 1-2 individuals that will be reimbursed as residents connect.  Using this model of funding, the general costs to connect for those who wish to connect to this build will be fairly set at:

One time installation costs:

For properties directly adjacent to backbone

  • Backbone connect cost per home $4800 –
  • Home connection cost  -Typically $1000-$2000 per home

For properties on adjacent streets and cul-de-sac – Other crowd source funding models apply

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