Project1 (Wildflower)

Project 1 (Wildflower Build)

Project Description:

This build goes from the central operations on Fremont Pines Lane to Wildflower Lane and surrounding Wildcrest Rd and all properties between these two points.  This includes anywhere from about  33 to 70 homes.

Date Started: July 2019

Estimated Schedule Dates:

  • Neighborhood Meeting: November 16th
  • Neighborhood Resident Build Decisions Deadline: January 10th 2020
  • Project Engineering Design February 10, 2020
  • Project Construction: March 2020
  • Homes connected to service: April 2020

Neighborhood Meetings:

We will plan an “Informational Gathering” once we see who is interested in learning more on Saturday, November 16th at 2 PM at my house (13770 Wildflower Lane).  Please register your contact information on the LAH Community Fiber website so we can follow up with invites for this neighborhood gathering and other neighborhood gatherings on this exciting addition to the neighborhood.  – Please select the Wildcrest Build Option checkbox on the contact signup form.

Twinkie & Brad Lyman ( /


Build Path Options 10.29.19

To be extremely efficient at building the network to Wildflower Court, it can be done with just 7 consecutive properties connections.  The graphic below outlines the 7 properties.  LAHCF is seeking to contact each of these property owners directly to provide them with more information.  If you are one of these property owners, please contact LAH Community Fiber!


Meeting Presentation Materials:

If you couldn’t make the meeting, here are the presentations that were given by both LAHCF and Nextlevel for your review.

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