Sunset-Nicole Lane Build

This build is a merging of two previous builds of Sunset Build  and the Nicole lane into one build based on the combined funding.

We are now calling this entire build the Sunset-Nicole Lane Build.

Project Started – March 2021

Project  Status :  July -2021 – Quote accepted, and final agreements and payments, membership agreements processed

August 2021 – Funding for entire backbone was fully funded by 8 fiber angels.  They will be reimbursed as folks connect to their backbone they have funded.

If you are on this route and wish to be connected,  please contact LAHCF and we can get you an installation quote.

Funding Model: Potential few homes funding entire backbone connection

Project Champion:  Johannes Schmidt

Contact info:  / 408 6210091

Figure above so proposed route for this build

East / Sunset Build  – Combined into build

Date Started:  3/3/2021

Project Status: August 2021 – Backbone funding close to completion



Sunset Neighborhood Champions:

  • Marty Grunthaner:
  • Sean Suchter

Additional Champions:

  • Johannes Schmidt: