Broadband Map and Tools

There is some national tool to find some information about levels of service in various communities and where funding has been given and what projects should be offering better service for residents.

This website can be found at:

From this website you can enter in your address and see what broadband options they think are available for you.

Once you are on that site, you can also play around with the tools to access this vast database of data they have collected about broadband options that shows everything from available providers to grants provided, in process or denied. You can see what companies received funding and what areas that funding was expected to fund. We have found that many times federal monies were provided to upgrade broadband options in an area but instead it went to maybe cell projects or just used on other upgrades but the designated recipient never obtain a broadband upgrade.

CASF infrastructure maps and blue dots are funded projects
There are series of check boxes to show various broadband funding criteria maps
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