Operating Model


The Los Altos Hills Community Fiber Association is a new, exciting and community owned and operating model to bring affordable and very high speed internet service directly to our residential homes using a 100% fiber optic network – completely owned and operating by your own neighborhood members that are subscribed to the service.

The Los Altos Hills Community Fiber Association is a mutual benefit corporation under the laws of California.

This type of corporation is used for organizations like HOA (Home Owners Associations or small water/sewer districts) where owners pay for a one time construction fee to create this commonly owned asset (community fiber infrastructure).    Secondly, members have joined the LAHC community fiber association  will pay a monthly fee to cover the  fiber uplink, support, maintenance and funds to sustainably maintain the system into the future.   LAH Community Fiber Association does not generate any “profits” that will go to any board members, members, or creators of this association.   LAHCF is operated by an elected group of volunteer board members who do not received direct or indirect compensation nor do neighborhood organizers (Neighborhood Champions) for particular neighborhood builds.  LAHCF will create reserves like HOA would need to do to continue to maintain the network and operations and provide for equipment replacement.

Where LAHCF differs dramatically from other broadband providers is that as more subscribers join onto the network and the installation and uplink costs are shared among more subscribers, the monthly cost should go down.  We have no external share holders that are looking for the biggest return on their investment.  Instead, LAHCF is owned by the subscribers and their interest is to collecting monthly fees to cover operational costs, maintain the network and keep fees as low as possible.  With our current Comcast broadband provider monopoly in town, fees will not drop unless their is competition for their services.

Like any organization, we still need to purchase professional services to offer Gigabit services to our members.  LAHCF will contract with companies to provide those services.  Currently the vendor that we have selected to provide the installation, and management of the LAH Community Fiber network is Next Level Networks.  LAH Community Fiber has the ability to select another vendor to provide our installation and network services in the future.

Next Level Networks is assisting to properly create the mutual benefit corporation and configure,  install and manage the Gigabit level network for LAH Community Fiber.


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