LAHCF New Subscriber Information

Click here to view a printable version of the LAHCF New Member Information Guide. The full content of this guide is contained below.

Welcome to Los Altos Hills Community Fiber!

  • By joining our community-owned network you have taken control of your broadband service
  • LAHCF’s mission is to offer the fastest residential broadband service in America to all LAH residents with our community-owned and operated network model
  • LAHCF’s infrastructure, operation, governance, and funding is by its members, not the town of Los Altos Hills. As a member, your participation is important!
  • As a LAHCF subscriber, you are a voting member
  • We encourage you to engage with LAHCF to help grow our network and inform others about our services and model of operation
  • To contact LAHCF with questions or concerns, please view the CONTACT page:

LAHCF Options of Engagement

  • LAHCF is not a typical Telco service provider like Comcast or AT&T, where decisions, pricing, features, and network operations are controlled by a large out-of-state provider
  • LAHCF is governed by a member-elected board. We encourage you to consider running for board positions when available or join various LAHCF subcommittees or projects
  • LAHCF needs both champions and champion mentors to help move new neighborhood projects forward
  • LAHCF has multiple other projects that require volunteers.
  • Please contact LAHCF if you are interested in learning more!

Introducing Next Level Networks!

  • Next Level Networks (NLN) is LAHCF’s professional services company. They are a for-profit company located in Sunnyvale.
  • NLN’s website is
  • NLN coordinates the LAHCF fiber installation and also manages the
    operation and support of our network
  • Any support issues will be handled by NLN and its 24×7 network
    operations center
  • NLN provides internet, support, and billing services to LAHCF and its
    members, as well as other fiber groups. You can contact them using the following numbers.
    ▪ Customer Support: 877-413-2137 or
    ▪ Next Level’s corporate office: 650-603-0180

Setting Up Your New Account

Please follow a couple easy steps to set up your account.

Client Zone Setup

There is a possibility that a Next Level representative has already contacted you to set up your account (via phone or email). However, if not, please follow these instructions.

You will receive an email titled “Welcome to Los Altos Hills
Community Fiber!”

Click on “Create Your Password” from that email to perform the setup process.

After logging into the Client Zone portal (located at, you can enter a credit card to set up monthly autopay and check your account balance. (Note: There is a $10/month processing fee if you wish to pay with a physical check.)

Plume HomePass Setup

NLN uses the Plume SuperPod as its standard 1-Gbps router and Wi-Fi access point. There is no additional monthly or annual fee (unlike Plume’s retail offering). If you wish, you may alternately use your own router and/or Wi-Fi system.

To get the full benefit of the Plume system, install the optional HomePass app on your
smartphone to gain access to an array of tools for monitoring and controlling your
home’s internet service.

When your Plume device is configured, you will receive an email from asking you to reset your password for Plume

Download the Plume App for your mobile device (iOS or Android) and
choose “Sign in with Plume Account” using the email and password
just created.

CAUTION: When logging into the Plume HomePass app, please DO NOT
select “Set up Plume”
as this will create a new Plume account requiring
a fee that is not associated with your internet service from NLN.

Preparing for Home Installation

Power. At least one electrical socket is required at the home equipment install site.

Wi-Fi. If you have an existing Wi-Fi network, you can continue to use it; otherwise, we will enable Wi-Fi on your new router. NLN can set up Wi-Fi if provided with a desired network name (a.k.a. SSID) & password. You have the option of replicating an existing Wi-Fi network (i.e. use the same SSID & password of your old system) to avoid making changes to each client device. You can also self-configure Wi-Fi using the Plume HomePass app. We can supply additional pods to spread the Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home ($150 each).

Internet. Your new router has two ethernet ports; one is used to connect your home to the fiber network. If you need more than one port for connecting to your in-home equipment, we will install an 8-port ethernet switch ($25 per switch).

Home Connection Steps

Home Equipment Detail

Plume & Plume HomePass

1 Gigabit Versus 10-Gigabit Service

Contact Information

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