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This FAQ page is devoted to questions we get from subscribers about how they can transition from Comcast and AT&T service “bundles” (phone services, cable, and Internet) to a new model of everything streaming over the Internet!

What services and content does LAH Community Fiber offer?

LAHCF offers high-speed (gigabit or faster) internet service.  We have no plans to package phone service, television, movies (Netflix), or other content with our service.  We provide our subscribers with information on how to obtain content over our Internet services in an affordable and comprehensive way.  The questions and answers below will give more details for each type of service and typical replacements using LAHCF as the delivery method for that service

Will I be able to replace my current AT&T phone line with LAHCF and what will the cost savings be?  Can I keep my same phone number?

If you currently subscribe to an AT&T, copper-based, or UVERSE bundled phone, you are paying a substantial fee that is not competitive with Internet-based phone services.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone service has existed for over a decade and the services have become very reliable and comprehensive for relatively low costs.   Assuming you have some sort of internet service at your house, you can switch to a VOIP solution today even without fiber to reduce your phone charge from $50–80 to $5–25 depending upon the features you require.

We suggest that you consider switching your phone service immediately to one of these VOIP services even before LAHCF provides internet for your home.  It will save you a lot of money. When you later connect to LAHCF, you simply plug in the VOIP phone device to the LAHCF-connected internet and it will work without any other changes.

In general, it is better to pick a VOIP telephone provider independent of your internet provider in order to get the best price and options. The VOIP IP solution we recommend is a residential phone system from Ooma:

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We invite you to visit their site and learn more about their features and pricing for several different packages.

Yes, you can keep your current AT&T /Comcast phone number (called porting your number) to an Ooma phone for a one-time fee.  All carriers are required to allow porting of your old number to a VOIP system.

I currently subscribe to an AT&T or Comcast content and service bundle (phone, internet, and television content plus other streaming services). What will be the new options with LAHCF for content delivery?

If you wish, you can keep your AT&T or Comcast phone or content services, however, it is not a particularly efficient way to proceed.

As you may have already noticed, content delivery is moving toward streaming services available over the internet.  Both live streaming (watching a sporting event live) and streaming of content on demand such as movies are available in internet-delivered options.

The vendors, choices, prices, and packages continue to change daily but they all rely upon a high-quality, high-speed, internet connection.  With LAHCF as your internet connection, you can choose from a competitive field of content-delivery providers, rather than being forced to select between AT&T’s and Comcast’s content options.

Will LAHCF replace or improve my cell service?

LAHCF does not provide any cellphone services, so you will still need to purchase your best mobile phone option as you do now.  However, LAHCF will offer reliable, high-speed internet service at your home, so if you are using the WIFI calling features on your mobile devices, your service will be enhanced. At this point, nearly all smartphones have options to enable WIFI calling (data and TXT, too) and users should be using this option when at home for better performance.  Check your smartphone for instructions on how to enable this feature.

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Can I watch the Disney channel (for example) without cable, Comcast, or AT&T?

Sure. You can watch the Disney Channel live without cable with one a subscription to one of several streaming services, such as PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, DirecTV Now, YouTube TV,d and Disney Now. All you need is a high-speed internet service from any ISP.

For more information on streaming content providers, please review our information on our reference pages.

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