What is Community Fiber?

What is Community Fiber?


The future of internet connectivity requires fiber optic connections to our homes.  Existing copper based phone wiring solutions of AT&T and Comcast TV cable left over from Cable TV technologies are simply outdated technologies that our legacy provider sell to us to deliver internet services are expensive, slow and lack performance when over subscribed.

Incredibly fast and affordable, reliable fiber internet connections are available, but the final residential neighborhood build out by legacy provider is not likely to happen due to the long term investment required to install the fiber optic internet in a community and the short term profits planning of today’s primary corporate providers.

We can not wait for our legacy providers to make the investment in our communities to bring the future of Internet infrastructure to our homes.  It is mostly communities now and their own residents who are willing to invest in a long term fiber optic internet network.  Creating, owning and managing your own neighborhood and community owned next generation fiber network network is the fastest and least expensive way to get it up and running and control costs service costs in the future.

If you read the current comcast Franchise Agreement with the Town of Los Altos Hills, you can see that language in this agreement (below) still assumes some older
“cable TV” vendors language and does little to embrace and encourage more current technologies like Fiber to the door.


LAH Community Fiber will be setup by Next Level Neworks, a pioneering company with a new model of financing and building community owned gigabit fiber networks.

Why Fiber?

Almost 100% of the Internet traffic  in the world that you see and use at your computers, phones, voice systems, smart phones, etc, already runs over exclusively high speed fiber optic networks.  It is only the last 1/4 -1 mile leg to our houses that our local legacy providers delivery  that information though existing copper based technologies installed 20-50 years ago.   This prevents us from accessing many of the high speed internet options available in the world today.  We can over come those limitations if we can bridge that gap between our houses and the super high speed fiber optic connections and backhaul providers already present in our Los Altos Hills community.

Areas of Los Altos Hills have options to link into high speed, affordable fiber networks. Los Altos Hills community fiber bridges the gap between these fiber back haul providers and collectively forms  a community own and operated communications association to bring that gigabit fiber service to your home.  LAH Community Fiber has already secured dark fiber connections that enable this connection to be installed now (Fall 2018).

Community Broadband video – We recommend you view this video below to learn more about the various business and government forces at work to prevent community fiber projects  from happening.


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