Los Altos Hills Community Fiber is a neighborhood owned and operated Fiber connected Gigabit internet association.  To launch this service in your neighbor, we will need “neighborhood champions” to help provide information to each neighborhood and help to get neighborhood members of the LAHCF organization.

Here are the basic steps that LAH neighborhood champions perform to bring fiber internet service to their neighborhood:


What are the responsibilities of a neighborhood champion?

We have created a Getting started guide for Neighborhood Champions below that may be helpful to under the steps and process of a neighborhood champion.

Neighborhood Champion Getting Started Doc

NewChampion Getting Started Doc (word)

If you are interested to becoming a LAHCF neighborhood champion,  please contact LAHCF with your interest and info listed below.


Please Email LAHCF at with

      • Your Name
      • Your address
      • Phone Number
      • Your current internet situation and provider or issues

LAHCF should get back to you and help explain how to be a champion for your neighborhood or connect you with neighbors already working on nearby projects.

You optionally contact LAHCF directly by phone at (650) 793-0475.


Please also sign up for our LAHCF newsletter!

LAH Community Fiber Neighborhood Champion/Newsletter Signup Form

Or scan the QR code below with your smart phone camera and jump to that QR code URL

STEP 3) You can always join us Friday AM for our weekly neighborhood champion meetings.

Join us for a weekly Neighborhood Champion Meeting on Zoom on Friday AM at 10:30 AM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 852 0603 9889
Passcode: 391871

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