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NEW outage report – Sunday – October 2, 2022 – 8 AM – Repaired 2:30 AM October 3, 2022


The fiber cut has finally been repaired and LAHCF’s Internet service restored. The cause was a “squirrel chew” along Grant Rd in Los Altos (photo below).

We appreciate your patience and know it was particularly frustrating for the handful of you that have Comcast as a backup which also had an extended service outage today. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Several of you have inquired about LAHCF acquiring a backup uplink circuit. We are pleased to report there is a specific plan in the works to establish a 10 Gbps wireless link between LAHCF and another NLN customer in Woodside (who has a diverse uplink circuit via AT&T) so that these two cooperatives can provide mutual backup service for each other. There will be more information about this shared by LAHCF with its members in the coming weeks.

If you are reading this email but your service is not back online, please unplug your Plume SuperPod from the wall power outlet, wait a moment and then plug it back in again.

If any of you are still having issues please contact our 24×7 support line at 877-413-2137 for assistance.

Thanks again for your patience today!

 –NLN Support

Next Level Networks
24×7 Support: 877-413-2137
Corporate office: 650-603-0180

All subscribers should have received this email. If you are connected subscriber and get not get this email around 8:43, Please contact Next Level and get you email(s) listed on this list!

Unfortunately LAHCF’s uplink circuit has experienced a fiber cut this morning and thus your internet is currently down.

We have reported the outage to the circuit provider (Zayo) and they have dispatched a technician to assess and repair.

We also dispatched our own technician and our test equipment indicates that the cut is probably in the vicinity of Grant Rd & Farndon Ave. We are currently visually inspecting this fiber path now in the hopes of guiding Zayo’s technician to the immediate problem point.

 We will provide further updates as soon as we have them and thank you for your patience.

–NLN Support

Next Level Networks
24×7 Support: 877-413-2137
Corporate office: 650-603-0180

Important update: On 3/18/22 – 11 AM to 4 PM, a fiber repair is being scheduled to repair our fiber and over 100 other fibers cut in this main fiber break in Fremont area. Please review your emails.

Network outage – 3/17/22 – 11 AM to 5 PM

Fiber cut identified between Santa Clara and Fremont Datacenters

Temporary fix in place at 5 PM – looking to solve issue for long term fix once our middle mile provider resolves the problem.

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