Network Status

Tuesday – March 14 -3-7 PM Major system outage started due to widespread LAH power outage in the bay area. We are aware of this power outage and we are looking at deploying long term generators at all of the node locations.

Update – 10:37 PM – March 14th – Generators and cords are being installed now.. estimated time to restore all networks except for Wildflower radio connection should be around 11:15 PM March 14th. Wildflower radio connections – Wed AM

To view the current LAHCF network status, report an issue with your network connection, or get support, please visit Next Level Networks Support Page or contact them at:

Log in to Customer Portal to see the status of your link:
Call the Next Level Networks 24×7 support line: 877-413-2137
Send an email to:

When there is a major outage, all subscribers are sent an email indicating the nature of the outage and the anticipated time that the connection will be re-established.

At times, a momentary power glitch will hamper communications between your equipment and the Fiber switches that you are connected to. If your internet connection seems to be down but Next Level Networks believes that your connection is active, try resetting your router.

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