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LAHCF Network Status and LAHCF Subscriber Ticket Support

Service Restored : August 5th 2021 – 5:30 PM


Previous Events:

Backhaul service outage  August 05, 2021 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Outage for some users – July 13, 2021 – About 1 hr :12:20 PM

Due to large Power outage in LAH and not all backup systems performed.

IMPORTANT OUTAGE: Wednesday April 28 2021 – 9:10 AM

UPDATE: Wednesday 8:35 PM

LAHCF members,

The second fiber strand has been repaired. The root cause was a “squirrel chew” on Grant Rd near Oak Ave in Los Altos.

We will be restoring the normal LAHCF uplink tomorrow morning at 5am. The service outage should be just a couple of minutes.

Thanks again for your patience!

–Next Level Networks

More info below

All LAHCF service is down due to a fiber cut on the fiber connect between LAH and  the Santa Clara Data Center.  This is being followed up our middle mile fiber provider that we lease this part of the circuit with.


A quick update: we just received word from the circuit provider, Zayo, that they know where the fault is and that they are working to resolve the situation.

Specifically, this is a 2-fiber circuit from LAH to Santa Clara is 40km long with both strands required for the circuit to function. However, one of the two strands is only showing good up to 29km from the Santa Clara end of the circuit (the other strand is showing good for the entire 40km, which probably means there is not a major fiber cut that would likely take over a day to repair).

We will provide additional updates as we get further info.

Next Level Networks



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