LAHCF Speed Tests

To perform a valid fiber level Gigabit speed test, we recommend you a special speed test  application we have set up specially for LAHCF and other community fiber groups.




10 Gig Circuits in test mode – Soon to be release to LAHCF members

LAHCF is set to lead the nation in providing the highest possible Internet speeds.  We have left traditional copper wired vendors of AT&T U-VERSE and even cable Comcast thick wire technology behind.  In a nut shell, any type of copper wired Internet service just can not compete with a fiber (glass) technology when you have any distance involved.    LAHCF is already testing the home hardware modems to provide 10 GB service to the home.  We already have confirmed that our fiber to the home and our fiber optic head end equipment can easily be upgraded to support 10 Gigabit service.  Our current default minimum speed is 1GB Up/Down.  We plan to upgrade that basic service to 10 GB Up/down.    This upgrade to 10 GB from 1 GB service only requires a slightly more expensive modem/router that will be included as part of our regular install.  Our peering connections and costs into the Internet at 10 GB versus 1 GB is not significant.



If you want to do a similar test, we had to download the special okidata speed test application directly on to a windows machine that also have a 10 GB Ethernet card.

You can download this app at:

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