The LAHCF Board

LAHCF has a standard board organization of a president, a secretary, a treasurer, and four member-at-large board positions for a total of seven (7) voting board members. Any connected LAHCF subscriber is automatically a full and voting member of the association.  Only fully subscribed LAHCF members can hold board positions.

LAHCF board members serve three-year terms. (Special-length terms were set for the initial board members to allow for a gradual replacement of those board members.)

Annual elections occur in March.  Other annual meeting items and ballot items are presented in March as specified in our bylaws.  Special meetings and elections are called, as needed.

Our Current Board

  • President:  Scott Vanderlip — Term Expiration April 2024
  • Vice President: Gautam Agrawal — Term Expiration July 2025
  • Secretary:  Johannes Schmidt  — Term Expiration April 2025
  • Treasurer:  Sean Corrigan  — Term Expiration April 2023; Acting as Treasurer until a new Treasurer can be found; please apply if interested
    (See Contact page for check mailing information.)
  • Board Member: Sasha Zbrozek — Term Expiration September  2023
  • Board Member: Kjell Karlsson — Termination Feb 2025 (3 years)
  • Board Member: Hendrik Dahlkamp — Term Expiration March 2025 (3 years)

Email address for all LAHCF Boardmembers:

Please contact us if you are interested in serving on the LAHCF board,

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