Technical FAQs

For those tech geeks that want answers to more technical questions about the LAH Community Fiber, here are typical questions and answers.

This page will be updated as more questions are asked by potential LAH Subscribers overtime.


Where does the fiber link come from and how did you get it to the LAHCF equipment?


The LAHCF fiber connection is made by a contracted fiber connections that starts at available “dark fiber” at the Gardner Bulls School and connects all the way back to Santa Clara where it connects to the backbone of the Internet for very high speed connections.  We completely bypass AT&T or Comcast circuits so we have much better pricing control and quality since we are acquiring our data services from a Internet service provider that peers into the network.  We are currently in the process of upgrading our service from 1 GB service to 10 GB.


Can I use the fiber to aid in my lousy cell phone connection at my home?


Yes  – Part of the mission of LAH Community Fiber is to share to our LAH community fiber subscribers is to offer training and education for best home internet practices.    All smart phones offer the option to run in Wi-fi calling mode which includes getting all phone, TXT and data delivered to your phone with your solid and always available internet connection via wi-fi.  If your internet is solid and cell phone service is spotty on  your property, you can resolve this by installing better wi-fi coverage in rooms and your outdoor spaces.    Simply understanding the features and options that your mobile devices offer will help and how to best use your home based internet option more effectively for all internet or cell connected devices.


How does fiber tie into a home system?  I currently have Ethernet wiring throughout the home, is this obsolete ?


The LAHCF install connects to your existing home wired Ethernet wiring at your house.  The LAHCF Fiber install would be the same as changing providers from AT&T to Comcast where you would switch out the Internet Service Provider Model and router and replace those components with LAHCF fiber modem and router.  LAHCF will require connecting the fiber to some point in your house to the fiber modem, similar to your cable or AT&T modem.  Your existing home Ethernet wiring will still be used.  To use all of the high speed Gigabit bandwidth available, some of your house wiring routers or switches or wi-fi access points might need to be upgraded, but your basic house Ethernet wiring should be sufficient for at least 1 GB.  These switches and routers are fairly affordable and cost about $30-$100 each and might be use for upgrade anyway if they are more than 6 years old.


What does a typical Fiber install look like?



Each house will have a fiber termination point (see above) with a spool of fiber in it that will be used to  connect to a fiber modem inside the house typically where your existing cable ,modem/router or AT&T modem/router is located now.  From there we connect to your existing networking /wi-fi etc you already have configured.

A small conduit will be buried to your house (orange cable or similar) from the centralized fiber conduit for your neighborhood.


What kind of speed and Latency should I expect from LAHCF?



With our current 1 Gb service, users are getting around 940 MB and 1-2 ms latency and 1ms jitter. To get this level of speed and to test it,  a user must be using a Ethernet cabled computer with a GB card in their desktop or computer.  Even with the best wi-fi available, you will get values around 500 MB, so maximum use of the speed is found with cable wired connections.  Several devices can be wired to a switch for features like video conferencing and video cameras, gaming and content streaming.

Run a comparison speed test yourself at:

We have to use this speed test with Fiber speeds of GB/sec as the regular Google speed test does not work correctly for these high transfer fiber data speeds.

Starting Fall 2019, we will be upgrading to 10 Gbps service:

10 GB test circuit from LAH LAHCF resident home to Internet backhaul in San Jose area. – Yes – that is 9,635 MB/sec. If you are running UVERSE at 20 MB/sec down, this is 481 times faster!

Question:  What equipment is included as part of the regular LAH CF install?


LAHCF lights ups the resident fiber network at 10 gigabit service.   Due to costs of consumer grade equipment available today (Summer 2021), the default install equipment of model and router is 1 gigabit capable.   The  consumer equipment for the 1 GB install is about $200 per home.  Residents have the option to connect to our network at 10 gigabit capacity for the same monthly service price but must provide their own on premise equipment.  A percentage of our users have enabled at 10 gigabit speeds.

Basic equipment is a 1 gb media converter (SPF to Ethernet media converter) and 1 plume router and access point.

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