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LAH Community Fiber is a neighborhood-owned and operated Fiber Network registered as a Mutual Benefit Corporation in the state of California.

Los Altos Hills Community Fiber Association is an official mutual benefit corporation titled “Los Altos Hills Community Fiber Corporation”  We were registered in the state of California on 2/11/2019.  We are listed as a domestic nonprofit corporation. We also have a current business license from Los Altos Hills.

LAHCF has been operating and serving gigabit service to our subscribers since April 2019 with nearly 0 (zero) downtime.  Service speeds did not degrade during the COVID pandemic’s high demands.

We are locally run and managed by the members of the organization, all of who are subscribing members of LAHCF.   This can include residents from LAH and Los Altos.  Our charter allows us to serve residents outside of Los Altos Hills.  

Please let us know if you are interested in serving on the LAHCF board, on a committee, or in an advisory role.


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