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Do you want LAHCF gigabit fiber service to your home?

Here is the basic roadmap to helping you get LAHCF service to your home.

Step 1) – First, become informed about what LAHCF is.   Please review various pages on this website that describe the organizational model of LAHCF and how we are not another Comcast or AT&T that already had established service through out Los Altos Hills or nearby communities.    Probably the General FAQ page is good place to get a high level view of the organization and the project in general.

It is important to note that LAHCF is just getting started to offer fiber services in LAH.  We do not use AT&T or Comcast infrastructure (poles or cable network) and LAHCF completely bypasses the local telcos for our internet backhaul and neighborhood deployment.  We are building our own complete infrastructure of conduits and fiber to the home.

Step 2)  Please fill out the form below.  This form will submit an email to various LAHCF champions who can best determine your closest LAHCF build project or provide other recommendation.  We will get back you by email or phone with a recommendation.

For more immediate questions, you can always call LAHCF at 650 793-0475.

If you have already contacted LAHCF and confirmed you on an active LAHCF build that is in progress,  please visit the Sign Up page to complete your sign up and membership and payment options.

LAHCF New Connection Interest Form

Step 3)  LAHCF should get back to you by phone or email and connect you with the closest LAHCF neighborhood champion that is developing a project near to you.  Depending upon how close you are to a current champion, you could always become a champion yourself.

Step 4)  We recommend you sign up for the LAHCF newsletter to stay informed about the various LAHCF builds happening and how to get more engaged with the project as champion, or active member or volunteer.

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