LAHCF Committees

LAHCF is a community owned and OPERATED fiber optic network. LAHCF is governed by a board that is elected from its own subscribers. Various projects to support LAHCF are done by either subscriber volunteers or even community volunteers who support the LAHCF mission and are not yet fully connected or subscribing.

The term “Committees” is a loosely defined term to include fairly defined and continual tasks and also other more short term or small tasks like organizing the annual meeting. A committee can be just one person or several.

LAHCF committees are only advisory to the LAHCF board which makes all final decisions and financial decisions. LAHCF board has the power to create, disband committees as well as be involved in steering the committee and appointing /removing committee members as needed. Some of these committees will be more ad hoc and short term while others will continue to exist continuously.

Listed below are some of the committees:

LAHCF Champion Training and Mentoring / Organizing Committee

This committee will be primarily responsible for helping to mentor, train, and assist LAHCF champions in their projects. This will include running the weekly champion call and providing documentation, training, assistance on neighborhood organizing calls, etc.

LAHCF Reimbursement Committee –

This committee will be responsible to look at all of the LAHCF project reimbursement plans and review new connections to see if reimbursements are due, how much and to who. This committee should meet quarterly to evaluate new connections and determine reimbursements that are then approved and paid by the LAHCF board back to residents.

This committee is here as a good oversight of our reimbursement plans and connections.

LAHCF Website, Marketing and Newsletter(s)

Getting the word out about LAHCF to both LAH residents and to the general public is a big task. This committee will be responsible to continually find ways to inform residents/public about LAHCF. This will include the website maintenance and updates, creating a monthly newsletter for all of the 500+ LAHCF newsletter subscribers (mailchimp) and a quarterly LAHCF subscriber newsletter.

Radio Connection Committee

This committee can assist LAHCF and NLN in radio sighting and installation or other research concerning using radios for LAHCF.

LAHCF bylaws Committee

This committee can review the LAHCF bylaws and continue to refine and recommend changes to them to fit our organizational and operational model in the most effective way for our subscribers.

LAHCF contribution funding

This committee will research and find ways in which LAHCF supporters can donate monies to LAHCF to develop more fiber network to lower costs for connections or cover other costs for the organization. This committee should look to develop options for charitable donations to LAHCF to be tax deductible. Working directly with Los Altos Foundation might be a first place to start.

Annual Meeting Committee

This committee can help organize the annual meeting. This meeting in the past has been a simple hour zoom meeting but could easily become a full, in person social and food event to both celebrate our successes and help get feedback and suggestions from members.

LAHCF Call 811 Committee

LAHCF is fully aware of our investment in our fiber backbone infrastructure. To prevent other person from impacting our buried fiber, LAHCF have registered our assets with Call811 program. We have provide this organization with accurate maps of where our fiber assets are located. When home owners or contractors want to dig almost anywhere, they contact the Call811 website and describe where they plan to dig. If their project exists where we have fiber located, we get notified and must go out and mark the asset so they can avoid it or carefully build around it. This committee or person will continue to update the Call811 asset maps as we lay down new LAHCF backbone fiber.

LAHCF Membership Database

LAHCF needs to maintain a good database of its members that also record their initial installation costs and if reimbursements are due and how much has been paid back. The database is already existing but needs continual updates.

LAHCF New Connection and Quotes

Now that LAHCF has several miles of installed backbone, almost a hundred vaults that could serve hundreds of homes, we need a group or person to help take LAHCF service requests and provide quotes to future subscribers for the initial install. Even if you are not a full subscribing members, champions in other neighborhoods can help with this step.

OTHER COMMITTEES are being created as we identify needs

Other committees will be listed as they are developed. If you wish to be on any of these committee, please contact LAHCF by reviewing the LAHCF Contact page.

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