LAHCF is systemically adding new neighborhoods to their community-owned and operated fiber optic Internet network.  The ultimate goal of LAH Community Fiber is to offer community-owned and operated fiber to every residence and property in Los Altos Hills.

We are getting there through a series of successful neighborhood builds. With each project, we gain experience and we hope to build trust within the community.

The Build menu gives you a way to look through all the LAHCF projects. We have sorted them into four categories:

  • Completed — The fiber backbone is installed and the initial set of subscribers is active. For most complete networks, new subscribers can be easily added.
  • Under Construction — The initial construction in this area is currently in process.
  • Planning Phase — The project is currently being planned and the project is looking for  neighbors who want to join the project
  • Inactive or On-hold — The project has been started and likely progressed through at least part of the planning process. For one reason or another, the project is currently on hold or suspended indefinitely.

For each build, we have provided information that should help you understand the basics of the project.  Almost every project has a neighborhood champion assigned to it. That champion can provide you with more information.  We list the champion and their preferred contact information.

If you do not hear back from a neighborhood champion, please contact LAHCF directly and we can get you more information and status on that neighborhood. Many of our champions are very busy individuals and they can be difficult to reach.

Peruse our crowd-sourcing maps to get an idea of the historic changes in our fiber coverage over time.

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