Burke Extension Neighborhood Flyer

Burke Extension Build Details

LAHCF is bringing gigabit fiber to your neighborhood!  The diagram below the general route of the LAHCF Burke Extension Fiber backbone build.   We are now offering 1 gigabit or 10 gigabit  fiber connection options to this LAHCF fiber backbone to adjacent properties and streets. Contact LAHCF for more details and how to sign up and be connected while the backbone project is being constructed.  The exact fiber route and side of the street is to be finalized.

LAHCF gigabit service offers:

  • 1 gigabit synchronous service (1 gb/sec up/ down) default configuration with LAHCF standard install hardware
  • 10 gigabit synchronous service (10 gb/sec up/down) – You provide you own modem hardware
  • Affordable Monthly Service cost: $100-$130 that will drop as more users connect to LAHCF for 1 gb/sec or 10 gb/sec service
  • No monthly costs for equipment rental
  • No data caps* – *Subscribers must agree to terms that prevent uses from disrupting the network or other network abuses
  • Fully support Net Neutrality and no content data snooping or sharing like other telcos do
  • True Fiber to the premise (your home)  solution offering future upgrades to faster speeds 

Basic one time installation / connect costs:

For properties adjacent to route costs are:

  • 1 time installation $4800 fiber backbone contribution cost
  • Plus Home connect costs – The connection cost to go from street backbone to your home and inside the home installation – typically $1,000 to $2,000 per home

Cul-de-sac and other connecting roads properties are costed as a separate project but connected project.

To find out more to connect your home or a connecting street, please contact LAHCF at LAHCommunityFiber@gmail.com or (650) 793-0475.  

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