LAHCF Crowd Source Maps – April 2021

A very special online tool is used to map interest and LAHCF projects.  This tool was developed by Next Level Networks.   As neighborhood champions solicit interest in their neighborhoods, they can easily mark and define interest level at each property using this tool.  If you compare these 3 map below grabbed in April 2021 to the January 2021 you will see several new projects and champions listed.

The many neighborhood champions continues to update this map daily with new updates showing neighborhood projects growing and new properties showing neighborhood champions (dark blue parcels).

Below are 3 new images that define the current status (April 2021)

of LAHCF crowd sourcing projects.  We invite you to click on the individual image to get a full hi res image of each image.

The legend of the various color coding is defined as:

April 2021 LAHCF Project status images – Click on the image to show a full screen image for each image.  To show a reasonable level of detail, we have broken the town up into 3 images.  You can find several new builds listed on the builds section of the website too.


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