Los Altos Hills Community Fiber is just getting started!  It’s starting deployment is a cluster of homes on Fremont Pines Lane.   From there, LAH Community Fiber plans to extend into adjacent neighborhoods.  Other town deployments that start from a different dark fiber connection could launch similar deployments in other parts of town simultaneously.

Do you want to help bring very high speed Internet Fiber to your neighborhood?  We need your help!

As Los Altos Hills Community Fiber extends service, we will need “neighborhood champions” to help educate the residents of the benefits, options and obligations of being part of a neighborhood and community fiber association.  The ultimate long term goal of LAH community Fiber is to offer gigabit fiber service to ALL Los Altos Hills addresses.

If you want to learn more about the Los Altos Hills Community Fiber Association and be engaged or informed of progress, please contact the association by sending an email to:

Please include your contact information and your town address.




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