LAHCF goes live with GB Internet

The dark fiber was lite.. and connected to the Internet at a datacenter with an NextLevel ISP providing Gigabit up/down Fiber service!

Around 8:30 PM on Tuesday April 2, 2019 – The circuit and complete connectivity and ISP accounts were enabled to the initial set of homes on Fremont Pines Lane.

Initially we started doing some testing using the default RUN SPEED TEST provided by Google and it was reporting speeds much slower (200 mbps) than what we were expecting.  We tried various on-line speed tests and we quickly determine that many of the DSL  and internet speed tests available just don’t work correctly for when you get to Gigabit services.  You also have to verify you have computer ports that can handle Gigabit speeds rather than 100 MB speeds.

We were able to get some valid speed test readings on this site:

The image screen shot below shows one reading of 944 MBPS down and 921 MB/sec up and latency of 1 ms.

This reading below was done with a wire Ethernet connection to a Dell Optiplex 9020 small desktop that is equipped with a GB Ethernet card by default.

We attempted to get speed readings with wi-fi but almost all wi-fi standards, even the latest ones, simply can’t quite do full GB ( greater than 900 MB/S) speeds  and a hard wire connection was required to show the full capabilities.


** Important – If you are attempting to do a speed check, be sure to verify and try various speed test sites and hardware as some laptops, computers, or wi-fi are the component slowing down the network from getting a true LAHCF reading.  Most computers Ethernet card hardware is limited to 1 GB or less unless it is very new or specially purchased for up to 10 GB.

Eventual plans for LAHCF members are to upgrade to 10 GB service (from 1 GB) once residents modems and routers 10GB devices  drop in price in the next year from various vendors to below a few hundred dollars from above $500 dollars now.

Now the service is up and running, we are still tuning and working out various issues with resident rollout in terms of accounts and standard equipment.

This is a major milestone to show that YES.. a community can get true gigabit fiber internet  to it’s residences when we come together collectively to make it happen.


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