Burke Build

Build Name: Burke Build

Project Description:

This build goes from Fremont Pines Lane to Burke Rd via Fremont Rd.

Status: March 2021

Now that the backbone is funded and in design and construction phase, adjacent projects are now also being accepted and reviewed that will connect to this build.  The Burke Build Extension  flyer provides details on how to connect into this build.  (see below).

A very preliminary engineering design for the proposed route, vaults,  construction  horizontal boring details etc has been created but not finalized or approved for construction.

EngineeringDrawings_Burke_v1-0 (001)



Neighborhood Champion(s):

  • Greg Badros (Old Altos Rd)
  • badros@gmail.com

We are now looking for new neighborhood champions to outreach to anybody on this section of Fremont Road or connecting streets and properties.

Update February 2021 – Entire Project has been funded for the LAHCF backbone from Fremont Pines Lane along Fremont Rd to Burke Rd. (see diagram below).

This project is being funded and built in a different funding model from other builds.  In this case, we have 3 property owners who will be funding the entire backbone construction and their connections.  As properties connect to that backbone, they will be reimbursed at a rate from future connections that has been established.  If you wish to connect to this LAHCF  fiber backbone, please review the options below.

Date Started – May and July 2020

Build Funded – January 2021


Click here to view Neighborhood –  Burke Extension Flyer

Status -7/28/20  Neighborhood outreach and research