Burke Build


Build Name: Burke Build

Project Description:  Fremont Pines Lane to Burke Rd via Fremont Rd.

Champion: Greg Badros (Old Altos Rd), badros@gmail.com

Status: Completed, 2 homes currently connected

Date Project Started: May 2020; funded in January 2021

This project is looking for people to help contact households along this section of Fremont Road or connecting streets to find individuals interested in connecting to this fiber network. Please contact info@lahcommunityfiber.org for more information.

February 2022

Starting Friday, January 7th, 2022, the Los Altos Hills Community Fiber Fremont Rd to  Burke Extension has started installation of LAHCF fiber backbone on Fremont Rd. In the next few weeks, LAHCF will be installing fiber conduit in the road right-of-way to bring community Internet fiber to properties and streets on Fremont Rd between Fremont Pines Lane and Burke Rd. At times, there will be some short traffic delays.

To install the Fiber Backbone conduit, LAHCF is using an advanced method of horizontal boring rather than trenching. Attached are some pictures and videos of this unique method where we can bore about 300 feet at a time and then pull our conduit cable back thru the hole that we just bored.

We will be going down Fremont Rd about 300 feet at a time.

If you live on or adjacent to Fremont Rd on this section, we can now connect you shortly. For more information about the Community Fiber Project and to get a site survey for connection and subscription pricing, please visit the Get Service Link.

Update December 2021

The encroachment permit has been approved by the Town Of Los Altos Hills Public works department.   Permit bonding and traffic control preventative measures have been decided and provided.

Construction is planned to start on Jan 4, 2022.  811 tickets have already been pulled for this project. The town has signed the master access agreement that grants LAHCF access to install fiber conduit in the public right of way on Fremont Rd.

We are now allowing folks that reside along Fremont Rd to sign up for service.  Please click on the Sign Up link on the website.  We will provide you with a quote for your installation.

Now that the backbone is funded and the project is in the design and construction phase, adjacent projects are now also being accepted and reviewed that will connect to this build.  The Burke Build Extension flyer provides details on how to connect to this build.  (see below).

The finalized permit drawings of 20 pages can found in the document below:


Here are two pages from that document:


Looking to help! – We are now looking for new neighborhood champions to outreach to anybody on this section of Fremont Road or connecting streets and properties.

Update February 2021 – Entire Project has been funded for the LAHCF backbone from Fremont Pines Lane along Fremont Rd to Burke Rd. (see diagram below).

This project is being funded and built in a different funding model from other builds.  In this case, we have 3 property owners who will be funding the entire backbone construction and their connections.  As properties connect to that backbone, they will be reimbursed at a rate from future connections that has been established.  If you wish to connect to this LAHCF  fiber backbone, please review the options below.


Click here to view Neighborhood –  Burke Extension Flyer

Status -7/28/20  Neighborhood outreach and research


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