LAHCF launched largest build yet – Rhus Ridge build connected

LAHCF is excited to announce the launching of our biggest fiber build project yet – The Burke Extension.  This new project is about 3/4 mile along Fremont Rd between Fremont Pines Lane and Burke Rd.  LAHCF will be offering both 1-gigabit up/down and 10-gigabit up/down synchronous fiber Internet connection options to subscribers that are on this route or adjacent streets or cul-de-sacs along this route.  The 10 gigabit (10,000 megabits/sec) are probably some of the fastest residential Internet speeds available anywhere in the USA and the world.

To celebrate this milestone, the Burke Extension neighborhood champions, LAHCF board member and Next Level Networks helped to put some Installation signs in the ground at the corner of Old Altos and Burke and pose for a photo opp!

Show in Picture: Top Row from left: Darrell Gentry, Next Level Networks CTO and Founder, Neighborhood champions Sloan and David Rosentha, Neighborhood champion Sudnya Shroff, LAHCF President Scott Vanderlip, LAH Council Member Linda Swan, Next Level Networks CEO David Barron

Front Row – Neighborhood Champion Greg and Ginny Badros.

We are all smiling behind our masks!

Figure above shows the basic route of the Burke Extension Route

Contact LAHCF for more details and how to sign up and be connected while the backbone project is being constructed.  Initial designs and costs estimates for the backbone have been completed. Finalized designs and permits for this build are in progress.
This build is being funded by a slightly different model where 3 homeowners at the end of the build will initially fund for the full backbone construction costs.  They will be reimbursed later as more properties connect using the fiber backbone that they funded.  This is LAHCF’s – mutual benefit corporation model,  for all subscribers to contribute to the cost of the subscriber fiber network.

If you are on this route or close to this fiber route and wish to find out more information on connection costs, please visit the LAHCF website at or email at

More information about the Burke Extension can be found on the website at

If you want to be one of the Burke Extension neighborhood champions helping to organize folks along this route get connected, please let us know.

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